Dear Satan,




I dont think I’ll ever understand how you could be such a hollow, shallow person with no concern for
your own child. I see you think this is normal because your dad uses you and your mom, day in and day out, and emotionally abuses you both. And now you do it to your mom and your children, and any woman in your life..
You just use for your own selfish needs, and discard…nothing means anything to you. It’s all a cheap game until you die, to keep yourself occupied, so you don’t die from your own boredom of yourself. It’s all a game to you…all of it. Life…your children, your partnerships, your health, your fake wholesomeness… nothing more than that…for you… a game. a facade…you are like a bad actor in a B movie.

But I’ll never understand how you could jeopardize your own infant child’s mental/emotional
health and well-being, and the developmental connection he needs with his own mother, to play a mental
game with yourself. You are not even playing anyone but yourself Adam, I see through you, throughout the entirety, you’ve tricked no-one…..the entire time.

We both know you are the one who needs evaluation for mental disorders Adam, and that’s why you are trying to create a false narrative that makes absolutely no sense, and doctors agree with me that you have an empathy-disorder and are doing all of this as a part of your continued abuse and disordered mental-emotional character.


You say its me with the mental problems as an excuse to hide from yourself, because I am fighting for my son after you traumatically kidnapped him with a bunch of people who are jealous of me, yourself and your father included (and again, timeline of events–that doesnt even make logical sense….you look foolish and cowardly with your scum-bag lawyer..and are your seethingly jealous women you surround yourself with, …and yes, I do see why you are all jealous of me….I am a fucking amazing mother…..and well….look at you people….mediocre and pathetic, scrambling for shit that you didnt work for and you don’t own, that belongs to someone else…..sums it up……basically….you all are a group of no-names…you are nothing…..empty…which is why you all did this….and why you and these people lied on the stand at trial on me to do this..only empty self-hating people would do such a thing.)

It all just makes you all look desperate and pathetic and jealous ….and basically lacking in all basic human character traits…fake….false…..shells of human beings.

The truth Adam….you have already lost your son, as he sees through you and resents you and will start to tell you so, even with you holding him hostage. He sees through you Adam. Like I do.

We are saddened and disappointed by the truth of you. and nothing you do to lie or put up a facade of who you are will change that. Truth Is Truth. No matter how many people live a lie, and suffer physically, emotionally, spiritually, and developmentally because of it…..Truth will remain truth….and those who fear the Light of Day….look and express the true wickedness and cowardice they embody….and there is no hiding…everyone sees you…sees what you are…and more importantly, who you are not.

You not a good father. A good father WOULD NEVER do this …..EVER….under any circumstances. You are not even a good person, let alone a good father…I don’t even think you are human. You’re mind is all reptilian brain and you feel nothing for no-one…but you fake what you need to, to get by ..a snake eating its tail…living to consume, hoard and die.

At 42, you seem to finally have succumb to total darkness….playing your child like it’s a game.
It’s sick, twisted, and shows everyone, anyone not jealous of me with their own motivations, exactly who you are.

I remain a beacon of Light, strength, persistence, and true and pure in nature. My son remains a beacon of Light, strong, true, and pure in nature…..

What are you Adam? What have you done to make anything better for this family (River and I)?? You’ve done nothing to make it’ve done everything to abandon, create hostility, separate and destroy me and your child…..You’ve done everything to destroy myself and my child and our love for each other, and you haven’t even succeeded at that.

What does your life amount to, but a weak man, with no ambitions who lives off of and likes to hurt women and children who cared for him…… it’s pitiful. to say the least.


Doc Olson Letter for Court 6:30:16Lonna's 2nd Voluntary Drug Screen 6:30:16Kathryn Murray, MSW 6.2.16

Kathryn Murray, MSW 6.2.16 attach. pg 2


Lonna’s Friend Emily Leah Also Wrote Adam:

Hello Adam, I hope this email finds you doing well. The last time I spoke with you was before I took a plane to Seattle to finally meet Lonna in person, before her trial. The week I spent with her was a week I would never forget. This was the week I made the connection with my soul sister. From that week, I knew that she would be the best friend I never had and always dreamed about. I will be flying out next week, to spend another week with her, and I wanted to take some time and email you before then.
You already know how great a mother is to River. You already know what a wonderful, carefree, loving, peaceful, and beautiful woman Lonna is. You cant deny that, no matter how many times you may try. Im tired for lonna. She has been working so hard since the day River was taken from her. She has been fighting tooth and nail to get her boy home. You say she has to have an eval done before she can see him. But why? This is not necessary. AT ALL! She is one of the smartest, loving people I have ever met and I actually look up to her, and consider her a teacher to my self and spirit in so many ways. Lonna has woke me in many different areas of my life. I consider Lonna a healer and protector of all that is good. An advocate for children and broken people. Lonna has a gift of being able to see the good in the bad, just like I do and she will fight against the current, she will put her heart on the line just to help the brokenhearted. She is trying to help you, Adam. She is trying to get you to see that co-parenting and working together is the best way to go in this harsh, hate-filled world. We parents need to work together to set a good example to our children on how we should treat others. ITS VITAL!! My second ex husband has ran over me, hurt me, used drugs over and over, manipulated me, and eventually left me to be able to do what he wanted. Did I keep his kids from him? NO. I actually did the complete opposite. I worked with him to be able to see our children. I encourage my children to love him and visit him. But also know, i make sure he is level headed and clear before I send my kids to visit. We maintain a friendship FOR THE SAKE OF OUR CHILDREN. Because I know what its like to have a child taken based on lies. I know how it feels to feel like I dont matter in my own childs life. I know the pain and suffering of not being able to talk to or see my own child. I know how frustrating it is to not have open communication from the dad and step mom and please know, they have not only hurt me, but also my child. When parents do this they do it out of selfishness to hurt the other parent. And to me, the parent who does this is the one who needs an evaluation.
Please, listen to everything I have said, and make an attempt and restoring your friendship with Lonna. this has all gotten way out of hand. This is all so unnecessary. and its only causing pain to everyone involved.
My fiance was also there with me the week in Seattle, so he too will be emailing you with his point of view on things. He actually did spend thousands of dollars to get custody of his son because his ex wife truly was a drug addict and crazy as hell. Lonna on the other hand is far from it. I will be in seattle next wednesday through the following wednesday. It will be Lonnas birthday on the 26th. If you would be willing, I can be the third party, if you want to set up some sort of visit for her and River. We will even drive to portland. Please, this is so important!! River needs his momma. He is only hurting inside…i wouldnt doubt if he was acting out because of his separation from her. He is hurting, Adam…..I dont think you fully grasp the connection a mother and child have, and it starts from the moment of conception.
Please get back to me.
Lonnas friend



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