The Trial~March 1-3rd, 2016 ~ They Sold My Child

2:28:16 Lonna and Emily
Emily Leah and Me driving around Seattle! Finally hanging out in person! This girl has my back! I love her!
Kurt’s House with Emily Leah! She came and stayed with me before the trial! We went all over Seattle! it was amazing and much needed before such a stressful event, the Trial March 1st, 2016.
Lonna Rainbow Kurts House 2:28:16 #2
Denny Blaine Park, Near Kurt’s house, February 29, 2016–it was pouring, we get out of the car and go down to the beach near Kurts house, and a rainbow appears coming from Yarrow Point, where River was conceived. Magical Moments With Emily Leah ❤ 2/29/16


This is my Final Parenting Plan. You’ll notice my focus is on co-parenting, yet they ignored these requests and my parenting plan completely. The courts gave Adam and Nathan permission to deny me and my child’s rights and try to force domestic violence on us both through false court orders. They threw out all my witnesses and doctors and social workers letters, on official letterhead with her license attached.

The judge only accepted those who had their own motives to defame my character (all of which had NOTHING TO DO WITH MY PARENTING) and was all personal opinions of people like Adam’s ex who got her own children taken by multiple DWI’s and who Adam told me when I was pregnant was very jealous of me because me and Adam were having a baby together and her and Adam aborted 2 more children after their first son was born with a genetic defect–and she’s on the stand saying I should get my child taken and Adam should have him–seems like she felt entitled herself to my child, looking at my child as a meal ticket, both her and Adam.

–and then another girl who has been obsessed with me in very unhealthy ways for over 10 years, sleeping with all my ex’s in Maryland, is an exotic dancer for over a decade, and is addicted to heroin pills, and doesn’t care for her own child because she’s on drugs and is too busy chasing easy money. Its sick! these people! 

THESE were the witnesses against me. And a social worker who never met me, called everyone including Adam, but did not call me, and then on the stand said I refused to participate with her. WTF IS THAT?!! I never met her before cross-examining her in court and they admitted her testimony that I should not have my son!! 

And then they throw out ALL MY DOCTORS AND SOCIAL WORKERS WHO HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH ME FOR 3 YEARS?!….REFUSE my professor from college, a Phd from WA State University in mental health. Outright refused to let her be a witness for me–she said she wrote 17 pages of notes! I had to call her and tell her they were denying me her testimony. They gave me 1 day in 7 months to testify to what is happening here, and the judge asked if I wanted to open with my closing argument!….WTF?!

IS IT NOT OVERTLY OBVIOUS WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! Blackmail, a blocking of due process for a young mother and her son, refusing coparenting agreements for the benefit of the child–to opt for money exchanging hands, and all for a selfish and greedy middle aged man extorting his child and his child’s mother while living with his own father at 42 with no job for over a year.. WTF IS GOING ON?!


Trial Lonna's Final Parenting Plan 3:1:16 pg1Trial Lonna's Final Parenting Plan 3:1:16 pg2Trial Lonna's Final Parenting Plan 3:1:16 pg3Trial Lonna's Final Parenting Plan 3:1:16 pg4

Trial Lonna's Final Parenting Plan 3:1:16 pg5Trial Lonna's Final Parenting Plan 3:1:16 pg6Trial Lonna's Final Parenting Plan 3:1:16 pg7Trial Lonna's Final Parenting Plan 3:1:16 pg8

Trial Lonna's Final Parenting Plan 3:1:16 pg9Trial Lonna's Final Parenting Plan 3:1:16 pg10Trial Lonna's Final Parenting Plan 3:1:16 pg11Trial Lonna's Final Parenting Plan 3:1:16 pg12Trial Lonna's Final Parenting Plan 3:1:16 pg13Trial Lonna's Final Parenting Plan 3:1:16 pg14Trial Lonna's Final Parenting Plan 3:1:16 pg15

WA St Court Law CR 59.jpeg


Photo on 3-4-16 at 6.44 PM.jpg
March 4, 2016 ~ Finally getting my carpet cleaned, post-trial. Pre-paring for River’s Return Home None the less!–Preparing for my Appeal and reaching out for a public a private investigation into my case as well a private one through several judicial misconduct avenues to get my voice heard and evidence seen, and bring justice to my son and I! #StopDomesticViolenceUsingTheCourts

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