2/16/15 ~ Email To Mediator For Feb 24 Mediation.

Lonna Anderson <thyme2heal726@gmail.com>
11:54 AM (1 hour ago) ~ February 16, 2016

to Kathryn, Lisa, Nancy, Nathan, darciatudor, Kai, adam

Ms Tudor and others,

This time, 930am on Feb 24, works for me.

I will have to let you know I did not complete the FCS paperwork, but I can have my social worker of 3 years call you and explain to you why in more depth. She actually has that paperwork in her office, after 3 calls to FCS with no return callback to address the paperwork mishandling that happened prior to receiving these documents to be filled out and returned.
They do not want to own up to their ‘back-door dealings’ with Mr Cliber and this case. They refuse to even call her back now. I believe major stereotypes and false personas were created by Mr Cliber around me and pertaining to me, with this case, and to these handlers in the courthouse, and they refuse now to deal with evidence and the law, and want to act according to their false bias solely. Even risking their jobs to do so.
I am not some ‘stupid, druggie hippie, who is mentally unstable” as Mr Cliber has painted to these people and the courts. Evidence of 3 years and beyond from State Officials, including 3 different social workers, and other credible people back me completely on this.

I will let you know it is because we were supposed to have a CASA investigate Mr. Lewis and Myself after our hearing on 8/26/15 where Judge Kahan ruled that River stay with me and said to Nathan that he had no case.

Well wouldnt you know, they got rid of Judge kahan before our continuance on 9/8/15, and got a “retired judge”–to just sign over all my rights without looking at any of my documentation.
We have since had 3 “retired judges” so far in 7 months—and not a one will look at any of my evidence.

The only “real” hearing we have had where we both knew about the hearing on time, and had a real judge, not one of these many ‘retired pro-ten” judges, who obviously think they are not accountable for doing illegal activities through and with the courthouse and court proceedings. They must think that since they are considered ‘retired’ that that gives them license to bend and break the WA State Law and Constitutional Law, as well as Uniform Federal Custody Laws into pieces with my case.

You can imagine there will be a major federal investigation with this much mismanagement and mishandling. For example, taking the case to another courthouse completely to pay for a judge who has no idea about anything, to sign my rights away to my son because Nathan got scared of his ‘back-door maneuvers’ being found out before River was out of my hands.
This effectively moved my son over state lines, committing the felony of Custodial Interference and Kidnapping in the first degree [RCW 9A.40.060]. This was all against evidence, a mountain of evidence, 3 different social workers commenting of Adam’s 3 year domestic abuse against myself and my son, and disputing Mr. Lewis’s claims entirely, showing them to be completely false and made-up accusations to hide from his own transgressions against us.

Mr. Lewis is 42, living with his parents for over a year and half, collecting money from them for taking River ($2000.00 a month he is paid by his father Lawrence to make it look like he has income), and having no job during that time and no higher ambitions but to exploit me and my child through these court proceedings.

His father, Lawrence Lewis, is paying for Nathan Cliber (Adam told me he paid $20,000 + as in an ” illegal adoption of my son” get River out of my custody on 9/8/15) and all of this to be done to me and my son, who has been illegally concealed and withheld from his own mother for over 5 months now.

Lawrence Lewis, Adam’s father I have had suspicions for years, I feel is possibly a pedophile himself. When he saw that I wrote Nathan in July 2015 wanting Adam to not take my son around another convicted pedophiles house, where Adam was staying on the weekends while visiting River, I believe Lawrence Lewis felt very threatened because of his own illegal activities involving children and young women and maybe men too. I also feel that Adam felt scared of being found out by following in his fathers footsteps and keeping company of known and convicted pedophiles.

It wasn’t until July 2015 that Adam EVER even mentioned anything about wanting custody of River. This was after I finally confronted him on his friend Elle Lochelt–and her convicted pedophile boyfriend. Adam was staying with them on the weekends while in Seattle.
He had never shown any interest, until I withheld my son for a weekend because I felt he was endanger of being molested by strangers that Adam was irresponsibly taking him around. Adam also agreed prior to not take River around these people, and so he knew what he was doing, because he broke his own agreement with me and endangered our son with these reckless deviants.

Adam keeps very low brow company. His witnesses against me are women who themselves have had their children taken, for DWIs-his other baby momma, and another using me for housing voucher fraud the year prior.
And then yet another, who is a stripper who lives 3000 miles away, who does heroin and heroin pills daily.
These are Adam’s top 3 witnesses against me. All low-brow reckless women and mothers, who don’t want to be mothers.
They are completely irrelevant to our case, other than showing who and what Adam is about. You are the company you keep.
Not Cool.

The reason this will become a Federal Case eventually, unless mediation can be reached, is because it is essentially a ‘child-trafficking’ operation. They are doing these illegal maneuvers against young mothers who cant afford snake lawyers like Mr Cliber, and using ‘abusive use of conflict’, while aiding and abetting domestic violence through the courthouse, as my Phd professor wrote the courts and to Senator Murray stating.
They refuse to look at that also, though Senator Murray is trying to put through domestic violence protection in legislation subsequently, so we are getting somewhere to protect women, mothers and children from this ever happening again.

After this ‘retired judge’ Doerty signed my rights away without allowing me due process on 9/8/15 …Nathan then paid again, a week later, to have yet more judges, Linde and Amini, remove my rights again without me present in a foreign court, in Kent WA.
This was done through a ‘secret hearing’ with a judge I never met because I was being attacked for my son the same hour in Seattle, 45 mins away, and I didnt even know about that hearing. Neither Amini nor Linde ever saw my evidence against Mr. Lewis, and we have a 15-500228-8 SEA case–NOT a Kent case.
I am presuming that Nathan did this knee-jerk reactive move, like all his moves since 8/26/15 when he didnt like Kahan’s ruling in my favor, because he was scared, because I did not fall for the entrapment of the false hearing on 9/8/15 with a retired judge, not our Judge who knew and understood the case, and also with a prosecutor, Jamie Johnston who pretended she did not know who I was, even though I had to write up a complaint on her unprofessional behavior on 8/26/15 when dealing with me in the hallway prior to the hearing–and after Adam and Nathan committed perjury on 9/2/15 with my first of 3 restraining orders against Mr Lewis in the last year.

The prosecutor has since removed herself from the case, and stated at pretrial, “the state should have never been involved in the case”. Too Late now. All the trauma and illegal activity against me and my son has already been committed, by and with and through the state and state officials. I have been in touch with Mayor Murray and KC Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, with all of this. They are well aware and not pleased with any of this–reflected very poorly on Seattle. No one wants a scandal of this magnitude in an election year—especially using a small child as bait for fraud and racketeering.

–And then Nathan finagled to get rid of the Casa ordered by Judge Kahan.
He said at her request, but I do not believe that was the case. I believe he manipulated her like he has with MOST of the women involved in any, way shape or form, in the case. He thinks false manners and brown-nosing will get him to win this case because he knows he actually has no grounds to do any of this, and will probably be disbarred for severe ethical breeches of professionalism and the law, after this case and the Federal investigation proceeding.

The reason I did not complete my FCS paperwork–Is because I have NOT been treated fairly by the people in FCS.
They have just ‘thrown out’ other documentation of mine, numerous times.
They have treated me criminally, actually.

They “threw out” my counter motion hearing–saying I did not call to confirm my hearing for 10/30/15, when I did on 10/22/15 to cancel another contempt motion on Mr Cliber and Mr Lewis also, and confirm my 10/30 counter motion hearing.

The reason for those contempt charges still stands, but I wanted to have the a counter motion hearing first.
I tried 4 different times and could not even get a counter-motion hearing to see how they could illegally take my son like this, and then conceal him from me as a threat to participate in this fraud, or else I do not get to see my son.

I can show you the emails from Nathan and Adam on how they went about this. They have been dangling my child like a carrot. Abusing him and traumatically keeping him away from his mother for their own nefarious agendas that have absolutely nothing to do with “the best interests of the child”. I believe my child might even be getting physically abused and molested living down in Portland, OR with this father and his grandfather.

Mr Cliber sees and works with these people in FCS daily in the courthouse, and has been in “back-door politics” mode for the duration of our case, starting with the blackmail in July 2015, because I didnt want Adam taking our son to a pedophiles house. (Email evidence below)

Ive seen him go back and forth into their back offices on numerous occasions during our different hearings. He often stands in the corner prior to hearings, whispering with these women, court clerks–who do as he says from what I have seen, whether it is legal or not.

They all think since they work together and have this ‘clique’ of bending and breaking the law, they can do illegal activity within the courthouse and I guess they forget they are only representatives of the law, and poor ones at that.
They are not the law itself. And they are using the law, manipulating with their own positions to break the law. They do not uphold WA State laws within the King County Courthouse, nor in Kent.
River was never allowed to be taken according to [RCW 26.09.191 1-a, 2a-i] because Adam abandoned me pregnant in Nov 2013 and for the whole year after River was born..I had to track him down for my son to even have a father in Dec 2014. There was much domestic abuse from Adam to myself pregnant also, prior to him abandoning me and his son in Nov 2013.

I believe he got Danielle, a clerk in FCS, who works under Merie Red-Jones, to toss out my counter-motions.

Nathan’s goal has been to push off facing me and what he has done to my family for over 7 months now, and facing the legal repercussions of his severe abuse of his law degree and his position as a family law lawyer.

My social worker, and myself have called numerous times to find out from Danielle’s boss, how she was able to just throw away my 4th attempt at a counter-motion. We cannot even get a call back.

This mediation…will be the first time anyone is looking at this evidence against Mr Lewis, and now Mr Cliber also.
And they have withheld River from me to abuse us both–for 5 months now, to the day.

I will work on getting any and all information to you prior for our mediation.

Is email okay to send over these documents??

Thank You,

River’s Mother- Lonna Anderson




The Supreme Court has warned, “Because of what appear to be Lawful commands [Statutory Rules, Regulations and -codes–ordinances- and Restrictions] on the surface, many citizens, because of their respect for what appears to be law, are cunningly coerced into waiving their rights, due to ignorance… [deceptive practices, constructive fraud, barratry, legal plunder, conversion, and malicious prosecution in inferior administrative State courts].” (United States v. Minker, 350 U.S. 179, 187, 76 S.Ct. 281, 100 L.Ed. 185 (1956);

1.10.16 Lonna's Letter to Supreme Court scan pg 2.jpg


Photo on 1-23-16 at 6.26 PM #212291103_10100142750025109_7849908363869680053_oAbuse Admittance no pitcture

Adam Perjury 9.2.15 PO

Adam abuse text to jenny 6.5.13

Jenny Barbee Committing Perjury to get river takenJamie-Adam being exposed

Sarah LMHC For Lonna &amp; Courts 11.5.15 p1Sarah LMHC For Lonna &amp; Courts 11.5.15 p2Sarah LMHC For Lonna NoGoddard 11.5.15 p 3

Photo on 9-13-15 at 12.41 PMIMG_1163IMG_1129IMG_1154IMG_1128_2

Feb. 16, 2016

TUE 8:52PM

I am so impressed with your letter to everyone today. I have been sending you love from Virginia and will be sending more help soon. Bless your heart Lonna!!! You’re really going to win this and make Nathan pay for what he did !! Keep up the great work and your posts. These posts you keep doing are keeping the fire on Nathan et.al. I’m sure that is why the prosecutor’s office ran away. I’m sure no one expected the fire you have built and keep fanning the flames on them. ♡♡♡♡♡. You will be hearing from me soon. I hope you are so proud of yourself. You deserve it. Sending you support, love, light and truth. Your strength is amazing !!! ♡♡♡


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