GoFundMe Back Up ~ River Needs His Mother


Our fundraiser is back up on GoFundMe—((CLICK HERE))

PLEASE HELP ME Stay Afloat During This Time!

I am trying to find many ways to work and bring in income during this emotionally stressful time of having my son gone. It’s been almost 4 months since Adam Lewis, Nathan Cliber and The State of WA, turned my life upside down and took River Sept 16, 2015.

I am doing the campaigning for his return 100% BY MYSELF, and also learning the Washington State and Federal Law and paperwork, so that not having money wont keep me from going forward with counter motions, getting my evidence seen and getting my baby boy back from our abuser.

When I got my tax returns in April 2015, River and I had a little extra money after we paid our bills and got what we needed—As a project, River and I made care packages to hand out to all the neighborhood people without homes who need them!

I don’t mind giving when it’s needed and I have it. And just the same….I Am Learning…When You Need Help In Life Or Hit Rough Patch….ASK FOR HELP — AND ANGELS WILL COME!

Don’t be afraid to work hard for what you want!

And ask gently, and with Love, for what you NEED!

~Lonna And River Anderson

—>>>Message From New Years Day January 1, 2016 (((CLICK HERE)))


River and Mommy Love <3
December 2014
River in pink pj at his dads
I have not seen or held my son since Sept 16, 2015—my abuser kidnapped him against wa state law




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Also–This is what I was working on the month before Adam decided he was going to blackmail me for River in July 2015–Please watch the videos below. I have VERY HIGH humanitarian business aspirations!







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