26.09.197. Issuance of temporary parenting plan — Criteria

26.09.197. Issuance of temporary parenting plan — Criteria

After considering the affidavit required by RCW 26.09.194(1) and other relevant evidence presented, the court shall make a temporary parenting plan that is in the best interest of the child.

In making this determination, the court shall give particular consideration to:

(1) The relative strength, nature, and stability of the child’s relationship with each parent; and

(2) Which parenting arrangements will cause the least disruption to the child’s emotional stability while the action is pending.

The court shall also consider the factors used to determine residential provisions in the permanent parenting plan.


1st Email To Nathan--Adam Breaking RCW 26.09.191 2b7.27.15 Email About DV Protection Order To WA Prosecutor

26.09.197. Issuance of temporary parenting plan -- Criteria

Nancy MSW  For Lonna October 2014

9.28.15 Social Worker Kathryn w:notes  .jpeg

RCW 26.09.191 Statutes Broken By Adam pg1RCW 26.09.191 Statutes Broken By Adam pg2

IMG_1782LA and RA on 5-14-15 at 5.49 PMIMG_1092


LA and RA on 7-1-15 at 6.50 PM #3

Sarah phd letter to Sen. Murray for Lonna 10.30.15.jpeg


Abuse to Lonna for Adam for $ 9.16.15

Kidnapping of River 9.16.15 Watching his mother be abused

D. Luke Hillman Hurting River 9.16.15.jpg

Abuse to River for Adam for $ 9.16.15

Adam Parentage Picture 4.17.15

CSAC for Lonna 11.19.15 photo

Brian G.Character Witness For Lonna and RiverDiana Delaney For Lonna No AddressVaneh highlighted testimony w:sign

Adams flatters Lonnas parenting3.22.15 Adam Abuse Admittance

Emily To Adam 12.25.15535022_1110268142324956_4973536155025279203_n-2

from: Lonna Anderson <thyme2heal726@gmail.com>
to: Lonna Anderson <Thyme2heal726@gmail.com>,
“Powell, Mary” <mary.powell@kingcounty.gov>,
ACLU of WA Legal <Legal@aclu-wa.org>

Canada-Johnson also denied my restraining order on technicality, instead of looking at the evidence stating history of Adam having domestic abuse incidents with me when he wants his way and has a secret agenda.  

9.8.15 Temp Order Signed by Ret. DoertyJudge Kahan Order 8.26.15 p2FALSE Removal of River 9.16.15

Lonna’s Twitter For More Information

Lonna’s YouTube Channel With Lots Of Video Evidence

Lonna’s Facebook

BringRiverHomeNow ~ Facebook


4 thoughts on “26.09.197. Issuance of temporary parenting plan — Criteria

  1. This is going to apply directly to my case:

    I just found this WA State Law:

    [In 1989, Washington adopted the nation’s first anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. RCW 4.24.510) law to provide immunity from civil liability for claims that were based on good-faith communication with the government regarding matters of public concern.

    In 2010, the Washington Legislature expanded on this by passing the Act Limiting Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation in order to protect the free expression of Washington citizens by shielding them from meritless lawsuits designed only to incur costs and chill future expression.

    The Act declares that the legislature is concerned about lawsuits being brought simply to chill the valid exercise of one’s constitutional rights, but also goes on to say that it is in the public interest for citizens to participate in matters of public concern and provide information to public entities and other citizens on public issues that affect them without fear of reprisal through abuse of the judicial process. (Laws of 2010, ch. 118, section 1).]


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